Silo Cleaning
SILODOCTOR™ is one of the best Silo Cleaning Services provider firm in India. Silo Doctor provides Silo Cleaning, Cardox, Cement Silo blockage.
Clear All Blockages
SILODOCTOR™ provides Silo Cleaning, Cardox, Cement Silo blockage, Silo Blockage. As we all know there are many hazards at factory.      
Labour Supply
SILODOCTOR™ provide Labour for plant cleaning And New projects as per requirement.


SADGURU SILO SERVICES OPC PVT LTD is the first Silo Cleaning Company in India which is ISO certified 9001:2015 organization for Silo Cleaning and Cement Blockage Clearing in Cement Plant. Sadguru Silo Services OPC Pvt Ltd has received certificate for its good perfomance from customer.

SADGURU SILO SERVICES OPC PVT LTD launched by YASHWANT S SINGH, SILODOCTOR Yashwant S Singh has starting his career in silo cleaning field since 2007.

He is hard working, well behaved and responsible person. Yashwant S Singh has 10 year experience in this particular field.

He has done total 140 silos in the 10 years of his career. Yashwant S Singh has gotten many certificates for his achievement regarding silo cleaning work.