Other Services

SILO CLEANING SERVICES— SILODOCTOR® team will provide you with the manpower and equipment required to free your facility from ratholing, bridging, build-up and blockage clearing. We will provide an effective silo cleaning from top to bottom with zero accident and 100% customer satisfaction. SILODOCTOR ® (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED also gives facilities involving the removal of: Materials We’ve Removed from Silos, Bins, Bunkers, Process Vessels, and other Storage Facilities.
SILODOCTOR® has encountered many materials during our three decades of silo cleaning. Among them are:
Cement Coal Grain
Chemical Sugar Fly Ash
Lime Soda Asb Carbon Black
Plastic Flour Clay
Borax Cinker Gypsum
Coal Soybean Meal Salt
Grain Kaolin Foundry Sand
Chemical Ammonium Nitrate Urea
Pelletized fly ash Animal feed and many more